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Why EmotionGuide?

Emotions tell you how to stop overwhelm, struggle and survival.
Listen to your emotions and stop boredom, stress and negative self talk.

Understand the guiding message of your emotions

and you will find freedom and inner peace.

Discover who you really are.


When you understand your emotions
you know what to do, what to decide

and what is best for now

Learn to recognize and trust your inner guidance system

Find and fulfill your needs.

Your emotions guide you.

The EmotionGuide shows you how.

Some examples:

  • You feel lonely as a solo entrepreneur and barely (or not) leave the house?
  • Are you even tired before you start?
  • You feel bored and overwhelmed?

Where are your dreams from the old days?

Hell, is this what life is about?

So predictable.
Stuck in your own schedules.
You go out of your way for others to make it all work, while you feel empty.

You know that it can be done differently.
But you want to keep control of things yourself.

So where to start?

No digging in old problems, but getting started hands-on.
Right now.
In the here and now, with things that you encounter in your day to day life NOW.


  • You live from your inner knowing.
  • You make choices without a doubt.
  • You recognize your inner boundaries and know how to maintain them externally.
  • You feel at peace AND you feel energetic.
  • You save time.
  • You feel deeply connected to yourself and the people around you.
  • Ideas flow easily and you have the energy to manifest them.
  • You feel the sparkle of life through everything.

How does the Emotion Guide work?

You speak. I listen.
Most likely I will interrupt you to ask a question.
I ask about your emotions the moment they occur.

If you don’t feel that much emotions, I will point them out for you.
We work from there, by translating the message of the emotion, explaining where it came from and why it occurred at that specific moment.

The better you understand this system, the fewer emotions you experience and the calmer it becomes inside of you.

You don’t feel that much?

Then you are my core client.
I work mostly with clients on both ends of the spectrum of the emotion group of fear. So if you experience panic and stress or if you do NOT feel that much and live on automatic pilot and everything in between is my specialty.

Let me help you
• recognize your emotions
• explain the emotion and why it occurs
• translate their message
• and what to do with it.

The goal

The goal is to give you the manual of your own emotional guidance system. So you know how to manage yourself and you will find inner peace and freedom.

Emotions are messengers of your soul, of who you are in essence. Your blueprint.

Learn to listen to your emotions and the pain will lessen


Follow the impulse

How do you feel right now, reading this?

Or intriged?

Then take your first step on the path of trusting your inner guide and click on the green button to make an appointment for an online EmotionGuide-session. Even one session can make a huge difference.

Are you in a different time zone? Then please send an email by clicking the orange button with your preferred date and time.
EmotionGuide Henriette Huttmann will find a way to meet you 😉

You live in / around Amsterdam?
I can come to your place if you wish.
I do not charge extra cost for travelling.

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