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Why would you need an EmotionGuide?

Overwhelm, stress and survival your natural state of being?
Not necessary.

We only use half of our potential.

We are solely focussed on our minds. While the other half, the emotional system, is the supportive control system of the mind.

Control system?

Yes, our emotions tell us exactly …

  • How to stop mental talk:
    Why didn’t I …? I really need to…. What is wrong with me?
  • How to recognize inner boundaries
    Binge watching? Eating the whole jar? Facebook… anyone?
  • How to maintain your boundaries
    No more procrastination. Not by will power but through inner guidance
  • What your inner being wants to create
    Express the real you. Create from your essence.. Pure joy!
  • How to keep your balance
    A good cry does wonders but there are more ways
  • How to connect with Self and others
    That’s where it gets tasty!
  • How to come to harmony and inner peace
    This is our natural state.. Come back to your essence.. Finally!

Sounds good

It is!

Basically, our emotional system is sending us important messages. As we learn to listen and interpret them, negative feelings will fade in time.

Learn how to use your emotions and turn negative self-talk, overwhelm and stress into Self-knowledge and inner wisdom.

I help you by explaining the functionality of your emotional system and how to interpret its messages.

Why do we only use half of our tool set?

From childhood on, we’ve been taught to use our minds. In doing so, we lost sight of the emotional part of our being.

We over-estimate our mental capacities and try to suppress and control our emotions.

But the mind is only half of our potential.
And… the mind is not fit to control the full spectrum of who we are.

That’s where stress comes in.

We use the mind to navigate through life, but the mind in itself is not capable to be in charge. It needs to be corrected and adjusted by the feedback from our emotional system.

Use your feedback system

So, in order to manage ourselves sufficiently, we use our emotional part as a feedback system for the mind.

This feedback system works as your guide in life. It corrects, pulls you back, pushes you forward and shows you the way to the authentic you in every aspect of your life.

By using the complete set of your tools, your mind guided through your emotions, you reap your full potential.

Understand the guiding message of your emotions

to find inner balance, peace and joy

How to unlock your full potential

Mind you; This is not about acting out your emotions.

The method is simple, clear and effective.
Of course it is… It’s based on the laws of nature, you were born to use your inner emotional guidance system.

While simple, it does require some practice and dedication.

So if you use both mind and your emotional system, everything will fall into place. You can immediately apply it in your daily life and become your most glorious Self.

If you use your emotions as your inner guide you know exactly …
what to do
what choices to make
and what to decide
in every moment of your precious life

Learn to recognize and trust your Inner Guidance System

Life is not about buying the newest yogamat or those fancy sneakers.
It’s not about checking out the coolest restaurants or the newest Tesla.

Of course… all of that is fun, but if we’re trying to fill this empty hole inside with a new pair of sneakers, it’s time to reconsider.

There is a way

Life has more to offer and we all know it.

There is a way to fulfill our authentic needs.
Our natural state is joy and inner peace.

Our emotional system gives us the feedback we so desperately need in daily life. Like a wise grandma showing us the way.

To unlock our full potential, we need to know how to use the full spectrum of our human tools.

No more

By using the emotional system as intended, there is no longer a need for external guidance: We carry all the necessary tools within ourselves.

Let me show you, so that you can evolve into the glorious wonderful being that you are.

So when emotions take over and you feel …

  • stressed out under pressure of your environment
  • overwhelmed or bored
  • in survival mode
  • negative
  • depressed
  • missing out on the juice of life

… there is hope!

Our natural state is joy and so is yours.

Book your session with the Emotion Guide and your emotions will show you the way back.

I will explain the manual of your inner guidance.
We get started right away and already in the first session you will learn how to apply it.

NO digging up old stories, traumas and painful memories

Our triggers are played out in the here and now.
Emotions always point to the current situation as it happens.
Therefore, the solution also lies in this now moment.

I help you by making you aware of the unconscious and indicating why this emotion occurs at this specific moment and what it is telling you.

When you understand the messages of your soul, you can leave behind old patterns and make new choices to create the life that fulfills your authentic self.

The juicy results

  • You unlock your inner wisdom
  • You make choises without a doubt
  • You recognize your inner boundaries and sustain them
  • You stop racking your brain
  • You know how to connect to yourself and your community
  • You find inner peace
  • Your energy flows back into balance
  • Life sparkles again!

Frequently asked questions

I don’t feel emotions, can I make an appointment?

When you experience your life as boring or you feel like you live on ‘automatic pilot’ then you might be functioning from the sympathetic part of your nervous system, the freeze mode.

Despair not, you are not alone: Around 70% of the population is sort of stuck in this automatic stress respons. To escape we need to switch back to the parasympathetic part of the nervous system with a little help of the brain.

By understanding and noticing the warnings of your stress respons, you can send back a signal to your system that all is safe. That way your system will return to relax mode, which is the healing state.

The emotion group on fear and stress response is my core business.

The EmtionGuide can help you with

• recognising your emotions (Yes, you have m too 😉
• explaining why they occur at that specific moment
• translating the message of your emotions
• managing your emotions.

What is the goal of a session?

Our society is driven by the mind.
Emotions are the language of the soul, of who you are in essence.
We want to use our complete tool set; mind ánd emotions.

The goal is to give you the manual of your system, so instead of being taken over by your emotions, you can use them as a guide in life.

Under this guidance you unfold your talents and brilliance.
You feel in full control of yourself
You experience inner peace and a delicious feeling of freedom.
Adventure and excitement comes back to your life!

How does the EmotionGuide work?

You speak, I listen.
Not for long though 😉
Most likely I will interrupt you to ask you questions about (or I make you aware of) an emotion that arises.
We work from there.

I explain the basics of the emotional system to you. Then I translate the message of your emotion in the context of your issue and why it occurred at that particular moment.

By understanding and working with your emotional system, you will be guided by your emotions, instead of being taken over by your emotions.

Over time, you experience lesser emotions. You feel more calm and peaceful inside.

Besides that, you will experience the beautiful flow of energy and joy that is your natural state.

How do I book a session?

You can make an appointment directly in the online calendar or you can send me an email.
Then you recieve a Zoom link where we will meet.

If you book your session through the online agenda, then you will receive your link immediately.
If you book through mail, I send you your Zoom link on the day of our meeting.

Zoom meeting 67 eu per hour and per 15 mins 15 euros

A meeting varies in time because in the sessions your emotions are leading.
First sessions usually take about 1,5 hrs. To stay on the safe side make sure you block 90 mins for a first session in your agenda.

Learn to listen to your emotions

and the pain will lessen


Follow your impulse

How do you feel right now, reading this?


Then take your first step on the path of following your inner guidance and click the green button.
Even a single session can make a difference.

You feel like you want to experience this, but you don’t know what to decide?

Send me an email by clicking the orange button.

You can write a short description of your emotions and I will advice you according to the message of your emotions.

Jump into this life changing process
and be who you are meant to be

Are you in a different time zone?

Click on the blue button and send me an email with your preferred date and time(zone).
Please tell me also in which area and country you live because I don’t have a clue of how these time converters work 😉

Looking forward to meet you!

Do you want to read more about your emotions?

Please use Google Translate while I work on translating my website 😉

Last but not least …

I am very passionate about supporting you in understanding your emotional system and use it as an inner guide to balance and joy.

Whether we call it connection



or God

It all points to the same sweet …


You are most welcome to experience the full potential of your delicious self.